Publicado por: joaobdr | 22/11/2009

Baby, Did You Forget To Take Your Meds?

I'm medicated, how are you?

Well, after a while being medicated and a couple of months without posting any news in this web-dairy, here I am once again.

For everyone who doesn’t know me, I often tend to behave on the extreme, what means that when I’m happy, I can act like a fool to everyone, but I don’t mind it. And if I’m down, it’s like being surrounded by so many walls that are slowly closing  over me and I slowly get suffocated. The problem was that these walls were closing so fast that I couldn’t control it, and it felt like I was almost crashing amongst them.

Don’t know if it was only a ‘teenage angst’, but it was taking so much of me out that I was getting into a slow-motion suicide under thirty-six degrees that couldn’t allow me to breath well.

The solution? Get medicated! Fluoxetine, Amitriptyline, anti-headache drugs and so on…I finally felt like I was coming back to the real good way, but the problem was if it were helping me or disturbing me even more. You know, maybe this could only make me stop thinking on what made my day bad and block my ability on turning these thoughts into words.

Well, I just stopped taking these meds right when the treatment was over. I saw it was only a weak depression, maybe a distimy, though. Days before I felt it coming again, but tried not to give much attention to it. And it just faded away…

Now I’m here trying not to be in a so damn bad mood focusing my attention on what really matters to me. And I imagine if everyone really needs to get medicated against down feeling, or if it’s just a question of focusing and concentrating more on what they judge important to their health and happiness in life.

Or maybe not everyone are capable to avoid the suffering and concentrate on good thoughts, at all…

See you in the way!

P.S.: Don’t mix strong medicine with alcohol. The only thing you’ll remember right after is that it’s not 100% good!




  1. I’m sure that was hard time….. but I can feel that…. “here comes the sun” in your life!!!!and I wish you don’t wear sunglasses so soon!! =D

  2. YES, SIR!

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